Polaris Outlaw 110  Pit Quad Build

The Polaris Outlaw 110 is  a more refined  version of  the Outlaw 90 which has been around for decade. The larger cockpit  makes it ideal for adult  riders but the quad needs some refinements  to perform at its potential  for  an adult  (or fast youth rider) . 

The first thing we did  was  add Renthal RC High Bend Bars with ODI 1 1/8"  to 7/8"  Adapters- to max out the bar height  we also  added a 1/2"  riser from Tusk.


We then  doubled the seat height by adding another layer of  stock foam and recovering the seat with black vinyl seat material  from SP1. This  gave a very spacious feel  to the Outlaw  feeling similar to a Raptor 250. 


On  any ATV  made for kids you are going to notice they are  very detuned  in stock form.  We added an iMotor Clutch Kit  via eBay  which includes a variator with ramps extending all the way out.  We  used  9g  rollers and the  supplied variator.  For the rear clutch  we  used the housing but stayed with the stock  shoes and  springs,  the housing or drum  had cooling holes and  was a tighter fit to the shoes than factory.  We found the supplied springs to be far too stiff for the Outlaw.  This was the first step ,  next we removed the stock restrictive  exhaust system and added a Big Gun Full System exhaust paired with a Big Gun Tuner.  We also went with a Uni Air Filter. Next  we added a 15 Tooth front sprocket - all of this combined  equalled a radically new experience riding the Outlaw- It  can wheelie just by punching the throttle at slower speeds and  carries a top speed in the mid 30 mph  range. 


To  handle this increased  performance  we  added 1"  wheel spacers   in the front  with  DWT 10" 3+2  A5  Rims (flipped)  paired with ITP Holeshot MXR6 20x6-10 Tires  and 8x6 DWT A5  rear  rims paired with Carlisl Snow Hog / Holeshot  18x6-8  Rear Tires. with 1.5"  spacers.  This was wider,  lighter  and more precise  steering unit. 


The next area we tackled  was the suspension.  On the front  we  mounted some DRR 50 factory DNM shocks .  The shocks  are too long to suit the factory mounting position,  we  moved the lower mount outward towards the tire  on the A arm.  For the upper  mount  we modified a  Diamond J Customs  shock mount kit to get the shocks more inward towards the factory mounts  but while also putting them at a height  where the a arms were at full drop .  This  helped  minimize  the   camber   changes as it goes through the stroke at  ride  height with an adult  on board  its at the optimum  amount of camber  and due to the progressive nature of the shocks  its far less noticeable in the steering as it changes moving through the travel.  

For the rear shock we went with a  DNM  330mm Shock  the shock is slightly longer than stock and has a 1000lb  spring which smaller riders will find to be stiff-however you can change the spring out to lower rates in the 6-800lb range.  


The next pain point we found  was the stock  chain tensioner would not last more than a ride   when being pushed by an adult  on a  modest pitbike track.  The stock tensioner is junk and very primitive.  We  found a universal  fit  chain tensioner  for a motorcycle . It uses 4  bolt holes in a rectangular  pattern.  We  used the stock tensioner hole for 1 bolt hole,  positioned the tensioner  in the most optimum angle  ,  marked the other 3 holes and bolted them on ( some spacing is required  , we simply added a  couple washers between the  tensioner and swingarm.  We  also opted for a Renthal Chain for smoother  rolling and less HP loss.  


These mods make the Outlaw a  more competitive  racer for  Youth Riders and  Adult  capable  fun while maintaining  reliability . We  carry a lot of these products to build your own.  Shop our  Store or  Contact us. 

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