Another Polaris Scrambler 1000 XP  GNCC  Build

The Polaris Scrambler 1000XP is one of the best handling if not the best handling performance 4x4's  ever produced.  Unfortunately the model was  discontinued but  there's  still plenty out there  being ridden and raced,  they require more "bulletproofing"   than some of the other big 4x4's  on the market, so its necessary to hit up Rick from Cecco Racing and buy all of his offerings for this model.  Rick is a former GNCC  Factory Polaris  4x4 racer who now focuses  his time on  product offerings  the industry has overlooked as well as high quality bumpers, hoods , grab bars etc  for  a variety of models.  Rick's  expertise  has guided us through this build  as well as Rick himself doing some prep work for us on this beast.

This Scrambler  started life as a 2015  with around 1000 miles of use.  We  added all of Rick's  braces and supports.   A  stainless Big Gun Slip on to get rid of the stock dual system and reduce some weight. 

We installed Elka Stage 4  shocks all the way around. 

Texiera Tech  A Arms and Steering stem were added to replace and improve the Scramblers  handling and durability. 

A custom dash plate  with a Pingel tether was installed on a set of Flexx Bars mated to some Cycra Pro Bend Hand Guards.

Another area that required improvement was braking- we went with an Accosto  Radial Master Cylinder and DP Brake Pads - it finally stops. 

A Quad Tech seat cover was installed to provide more traction in wet and muddy conditions. 

A  Quad Logic rear bumper  adds plenty of protection from rear end  hits. A  Cecco Racing front bumper and hood was added .

ITP terracross 26x9-14  Tires mated to Tusk beadlocks  has proven to be a great setup for all around use. 

Richochet  Chassis Skid and Moose floorboard skids were added to protect the bottom of the Scrambler  from rocks  and logs. 

One off Cecco Racing Floorboard Supports top off this build nicely. We topped it off with a full custom graphics kit from SSI Decals.

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