SSR Lazer Moped Custom Build

The SSR Lazer Moped  has been out a short time and is quite unique with styling similar to US  made  motorcycles in 30's  and 40's .  It comes with a very weak single speed 50cc engine,  complete with pedals that are useless at best, but  the engine is a Honda Z50 Style  engine opening up many options  for  upgrades.  

Our  goal was to make this functional cheap transportation  capable of running  country roads and city streets,  highway speed even with larger engines is difficult as we  have not found a rear sprocket available to allow  enough gearing for highway speeds. 

We went with a Piranaha 140cc Manual Clutch  4 Speed engine with Electric Start.  This is a huge  upgrade from stock and with the supplied front sprocket  will wheelie. The  engine wired in directly to the SSR  wiring harness as well.  

The stock Exhaust  is simply too restrictive  for  larger engines so we went with a aftermarket  exhaust that matches the styling of the bike quite well. 

A  foam style Uni Air Filter was also added. We  went with the pitbike style foot pegs  giving the bike  a mid control  style  feel.  

With the added power  the  pedals were no longer need  ,  we mounted  the factory SSR  pegs to the  pedals  for passenger pegs. This bike is a hardtail meaning no rear suspension but with the added power it's  very capable of hauling a passenger and  some  luggage  however the SSR does not come with any saddlebags or a passenger seat. This was the hardest  aspect of this build- we used a  luggage rack intended for a bicycle  and mounted it to the frame and fender dispersing the load throughout the chassis.  We then used a Saddlemen  Passenger Pillion  mounted to the top of the rack  as a passenger seat  along with a set of saddlebags  this worked out perfectly with a sissy bar from a Harley Davidson XL. Some Indian Stickers  were added just to confuse everyone on what exactly this bike is when it rolls up. 

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